"What does music mean to you?"

Over the past year, interviewing artists in almost every genre, there's one question in particular that I love to ask: what does music mean to you?

For me, the answer is simple. Music is everything. Music is essentially life, and I don't know where I'd be in this world if I hadn't discovered my love for music. 

I thought I would share the answers to that question from some of the amazing artists I've interviewed. 

Carol Kaye- legendary studio musician

What does music mean to you?

When you play music, you feel better. It does something to the mind, it does something to your heart. You’re in touch with something other than yourself. You’re in touch with the world or the stars. Everything. Cause there’s music everywhere, out in the planets. The planets make sounds too. So there’s something about music that’s very, very deep, and it’s very important to go with the music. Stop with the ego. Go with the music.

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Alice Bag- Punk Icon

What does music mean to you?

Music is the way I process the world and delve deeper into problems or subjects that interest me. Music can be a form of expression that is intrinsically rewarding or it can be the way I communicate with others.

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DEMAR- up and coming artist

What does music mean to you?

Music means everything to me. It means connection. It means understanding. It means releasing emotion. It means finding comfort in songs that express what you may feel inside and not be able to express yourself. It helps you feel whole again and less alone in what you might be feeling. And I think music is one of the most universal ways that we have of connecting as human beings. So to me, I think music is just one of the best things ever. Anything creative is important because it allows an outlet, but to me, music is really, really special. It’s amazing how if there was a certain song or certain band that got you through something, it’s like that song or that band is forever connected to that moment. One of my favorite bands in high school was Acceptance and their album Phantoms…when I listen to any song on that record now, it immediately brings up those feelings that I had in high school and whatever situation I was going through.

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